All about digital sound

Prompt duplex program for audio recording
Prompt good program navrode Sound Forge, just to know how to record a track while playing another And I would very much like to see at the same time she was able to play multiple tracks from multiple files, ie. E. To mix on the fly. It is necessary to record music in several passes.
Realtek HD and DTS
Hello. Realtek threw podlyanu all owners of built-in sound card. He blocked the use DTS to drivers on the "cheap" sound cards. Came across an English article on hacking drivers, but there are some troubles with the signatures. . .
Interisuyut few questions on iron
1. What is the difference between the ASUS Xonar DS, PCI and ASUS Xonar DS / A, PCI, OEM (OEM which means in particular) 2.
The problem with the processing of sound format 5. 1
Hello. I have following problem. You need to edit the audio track in format 5. 1, but when you try to open it in the Nero wawe editor and Adobe audition 2. 0, it is converted to stereo. When you select the output device is written Realtek HD 2 channels. Prior to that, he worked only with stereo.
MP3 via conventional speaker is that possible?
Brothers help. If possible then tell me a program with which you can play MP3 files through a conventional PC-Speaker. And then I've got the entire department zvukovuhi pancake, and I have not. Bring fear t. To. I've been recently, and goof yet. But I wish that they were surprised pancake.
5. hiss 1 acoustics
Sound Creative X-FI extreme audio. Acoustics Lant 5. 1 (10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 50). Problem: Slightly Burrs at the output of the amp left channel (mode 2 1 5. 1, 6.
Why sound in Linux better than Win 7? How to improve it in Win 7?
A friend gave me a Linux, and here I was a little afigel. This sound quality Long time no hear. Now, when you want something to listen to, but I'm in the "WIND" I want to howl with anguish, because listening to this shit has no power, overload the system and listen to Linux.
What to choose Microlab Solo 3 mk3 or PRO3
Tell me which is better to take? where zvuchok to be better? We must listen to the music, I'm leaning towards maybe Pro3, or not worth it?
How to cut a bunch CDimage. ape + CDimage. cue on separate tracks?
How to cut a bunch CDimage. ape + CDimage. cue on separate tracks? Pay attention: CDimage . ape ! ! ! Like FUBAR can somehow, but how? ? ? The main thing that quality is not affected.
The choice of mp3 player.
Sorry, that is not the topic (moderators, transfer, please in the right section), but did not find anything about flash. Advise buy a good player that could read all audio formats, showed sama needed video formats, worked as a portable memory and had a good display.
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer, writes microphone system. sounds
Hello. Recently bought this card, it's okay if not for one thing. The microphone also records and system sounds (including music or when playing games), though muffled, but they hear (music, sounds and games. D.
Tell me where to get wood for the SBLive! Volue 4830 under DOS &
Reluctance to put the 98th. we can have someone there? plz write to the soap. SBlive 5.
Who Subwoofers
who dares? http: // www. youtube.
Connecting the microphone without preamplifier and mixer with a second sound card
Hello! There audiophile card 2496. It is necessary to connect a microphone so that the second sound slot inserted another card (creative in my case), throw the cord to release the creative input m-audio (main card). I 10 of windows, individually zvukovuhi he sees, and no at the same time.
Program to record sound from two sources (microphone, the overall sound)
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. have for a program TOTAL RECORDER.