All about digital sound

People! it is better ZxR or Phoebus?
zvukashka speakers it is necessary for Logitech Z906, will play games, music mp3 files only, jazz and opera do not listen, only Russian pop and rap.
Problem: a microphone began to write high frequencies much louder
Good day. Please help! cheap Studio, home, equipment Microphone Rode nt1000 preamp behringer minimic 800 Map creative soundblaster x-fi elite pro I know that the combination is not very =) He collected two years ago problem as follows. When buying everything was normal.
How to output audio from the audio output of the two?
Hello. There is a problem - both to the realtek HD audio card are connected speakers (green output) and headphones (black). Manager, sound exhibited quad mode (otherwise it is impossible to output the sound to both outputs).
Selecting the acoustics of 1, 5 to 3 m. P. : 0 2 vs 2. 1
Good day! transported computer (by the way, it is interesting as more convenient and safer to transport complex plane, I can share experience)), bought the monitor and now I need a sound. House was Edifier S5. 1, which does not say anything as very good or bad. E.
Microlab ah / h
Ask knowledgeable explain: as acoustics computer (listening to music, games, movies, etc.), the choice fell on Microlab AH-500 Looking informanii sabzh noticed one weird moment-everywhere, even in the names of different stores.
Acoustics 5. 1 and Comp
Hello! Wanted to buy speakers 5. 1 and connect it to a computer. Immediately the question arose: Games will surround sound? And whether he will surround with a standard sound card, or need to buy a zvukovuhu specifically for 5. 1? (If yes, then this suit? http: // www. Dns-shop.
Question about the acoustics of KS-219 KS-is
Has anyone tried this? http: // www. ks-is. com / catalog / portativnye-akustichesk ... akers / KS-219. html I plan a gift on NG.
The choice of headphones Audio-Technica
Hello, finally decided myself good headphones to buy, I now have Logitech G35 and Beats Studio (2012) I want to sell them to add money and buy a long time chose to Yadneks Market, many reviews looked and decided to stay at the company Audio-Technica, I looked closely at model Audio-Technica ATH-AVC5
Sony MDR-1A or Marshall Monitor?
Hello. Opt for headphones. First, listen to the phone, in the long term dokuplyu player. choosing between Marshall Monitor and Sony MDR-1A. We in no vozmozhnozhnosti listen to none of them. There are people who listened to the two pairs of headphones? If this is, really need your advice.
I move the mouse and from the speakers there is a noise
I changed my motherboard one of these days. I took the Chaintech 7AJA2 with the built-in sound from C-Media on the chip 8738. And so there was such a problem: move the mouse, and from the speakers a quiet noise is heard.
Buying audio equipment in Japan, will be a problem with 100V / 60 Hz in Russia?
Has anyone encountered in the CIS with a Japanese technique for the Japanese market, the standardization of the network voltage 100V / 60 Hz? Most concerned with the frequency of 60 Hz. It directly affects the signal quality.
External sound card or mixer?
The question arose, what category to consider for purchase: " classical " external cards or look directly into the mixer? first query is common - music listening. second request -.. Do music itself, ie, among others, are interested in all sorts of DSP in hardware, midi in / out ideally.
Portable amplifiers.
Hello. There are headphones Monster Beats PRO. Use for iPhone 4. The sound quality is not satisfied. I think to buy a portable amplifier. first question: Can a portable amplifier to cope with these headphones? Not necessarily to rock the full. At least for comfortable listening.
Heal the wire on the headphones
Dear, if there is a default within the City of person who is willing to spend 30-40 minutes of time on weekends and heal wire headset that bit the cat. The headset is not bad, worth 200-250 euros and just throw it after 5 months of use are very sorry. With me compensation.
Sven Ht -485 to your computer
I know that question is quite popular, but it is clear to me the answer in the network and could not find it. There are audio Sven Ht -485 5. 1. You need to connect it to your computer. The computer has 3 Jack3. 5-M (minijack) audio system on three inputs, analog (tulips), optical and coaxial.