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02.08.2007 0:37:00
Choose yourself a budget speaker system. Read online http: // www. jetbalance. ru that when using a mobile phone to theirs columns is noisy. This unpleasant phenomenon in general, I know: I offer my cell while it is running to the column at a distance of 1 meter and there is a loud noise ratio, sharp buzz. Technical support there website responds that he could not help, they say, keep mobile phones away. Question and acoustics all producers equally subject to such interference or speaker has not susceptible to them or much less susceptible? Tell me, if anyone knows, please.
02.08.2007 0:46:00

Edifier does not seem to catch. . .
although I sometimes slips. . . said bear in SC. . . as a fault. . . but too lazy) as the thread will survive. . .
02.08.2007 1:59:00
Most often, the actual speakers are not to blame.
Leads catches amplifier or connector.
often helps in such cases usually ferrite ring, dressed for interconnects, power cord or the cord that goes to the speaker, from the source. E. For interconnects, e.g., closer to the output terminal of the signal source.
02.08.2007 2:25:00

Edifier does not seem to catch. . .
If no trouble, hold, please mobile phone to a speaker, play music, closer than a meter and click the dial-in phone. Noise sound come from? . .

often helps in such cases usually ferrite ring, dressed for interconnects, power cord or the cord that goes to the speaker, from the source.
Thanks, of course, for the advice, but I'm far from a few technical skills so would like to purchase a thread more trouble-free. But, just in case, if I understood that if I, for example, to replace their conventional wires connecting my old radiogram with columns on which a wire "screened", the noise from the phone will decrease?
02.08.2007 10:53:00
if I, for example, to replace their conventional wires connecting my old radiogram with columns on which a wire "screened", the noise from the phone will decrease?

Yes. The main thing that "shielded" wires were properly made.
In your case, IMHO, probably aiming for interconnects and very radiogram.
02.08.2007 13:04:00
Radiograms are curious about, and I can find the time, to change the wires as strong interferences such that it has to just turn off when the cell phone rings, but now urgent question for me to buy new speakers with an amplifier or simply powered speakers. Do not want to purchase a new vlyapatsya into the same problem.
course, now another generation technology, but times have complaints about interference from users acoustics JetBalance (and I tend to favor their purchase), it is likely the others. . . Here, from this point of view, how relevant is this problem now? Is actually prevents mobile phone listening to music, movies? Do razntsy what brand systems susceptible to such interference and what is not? I would be grateful for any feedback

with recall something not a lot. Do not seem to care about anyone especially now this problem. Today I did an experiment: Remove the column from the radiograms and connect them to the tape recorder Ilet 102. Check for the interference from a mobile phone: pickup dramatically decreased! Logically: tape ten years younger radiograms, technique newer less interference. So with the transition into the 21st century problem should be even much less, hardly noticeable, so do not bother with this issue and. But buying new speakers I'll be sure with a cell phone to check just in case. . .

07.02.2008 18:01:00
Interesting topic. . . Holders AU MM if not difficult, check your speakers for background on the phone. Please. And write here the AC model.

I JB-362 and 381 - - - Radiation at.
07.02.2008 21:38:00
Solo 7. Almost never Radiation at, but sometimes it is quite clearly fonit. Very rare. Usually always even when I'm talking on his cell at a distance of 30cm from the speaker (or chat on ICQ through smart) and NOTHING! ! the impression that the background appears under certain conditions. . . What is unclear. But as it happens very rarely, does not bother)
08.02.2008 11:11:00
oh! Thank U.
09.02.2008 12:15:00
and all? no longer the owners of MM AU?
09.02.2008 17:50:00
I do not want to purchase a new vlyapatsya into the same problem.
Take to the store with a mobile
logically: tape ten years younger radiograms, technique newer less interference. So with the transition into the 21st century problem should be even much less, hardly noticeable, so do not bother with this issue and.
Interesting you have logic. More precisely, statistics Total on two machines already checked and conclusions are made. Forced to disappoint you. Here is my maharayka, t. E. A cheap synthesizer Casio (for 2002 worth 10 t. P.) Wretched fonit, when his cell phone tray using GPRS. With a number of worthwhile receiver this is not observed. I met and Multimedia speakers of the 21st century, which gave the interference from the mobile phone. So straightforward conclusions should not do.

Oh damn. . . Subject bearded. Okay. Figs with him.

10.02.2008 12:19:00
Sven Royal-2 catches interference even after 10cm wall, but only for 2-3s to an incoming call / sms. Vivanco shielded interconnects, acoustic 2. 5mm Ixos
10.02.2008 18:30:00
Clearly, it seems manufacturers skimp on the speakers and amplifiers shielding wires
10.02.2008 18:39:00
Pretty sickly laptop (remember that the external finishing his type under carbon ) cracked from a mobile only way
So do not bother - let him rattle
10.02.2008 18:56:00

wire incomplete, complete worse
10.02.2008 19:14:00
polzuju solo7 + shielded interconnects. interference from mobile phones do not have, even if closely. Never noticed. Ferrite rings are not clothed. There used to be IHOO 5. 1 - those fonili, even with the rings on interconnects and power cables.
10.02.2008 19:21:00
You can detail what kind of brand, brand, model interconnect are you using?
10.02.2008 22:48:00

strange desire of the author,
power at cell phone about 2 watt at a frequency of 900 MHz with a communication range of about 5 km, why there should not be interference from the more budget acoustics? ? ?
And in general why bring so close to a cell phone? ?
1metr for what? ?
This is a new kind of perversion? ? ?
10.02.2008 22:59:00
Pl & amp; k
yes not even 2 watts, 2 is very good. rarely. . . up to 1W in MS
10.02.2008 23:00:00
Pl & amp; k , generally unpleasant when the phone starts ringing and the speakers start to reproduce interference (and not quite quiet). I wrote above, in my column it appears very rarely (almost never). And I appreciate it as extra nice to the ears function acoustics. As for the distance - I ate the phone on the table at the company - it's up to 30-40cm columns. Here, writes about the vaunted piano 2, he catches the noise through the wall! Yes, I acoustics such gift is not necessary! It is for music, but not for interference.
10.02.2008 23:03:00

by the way, I only heard noise in standby mode columns. . . it is necessary to observe when playing and incoming call (but did not seem to hear noise).

PS. just checked my phone, do not want to catch interference even in off mode. . . But really, they do not always respond to my mobile, and mobile. relative who is usually behind the wall with noutom.
10.02.2008 23:58:00
all clear interference, there will
But this is not a reason to pick up the AU interference important because as they play, and the fact that reproduce interference Nuu sorry,
sorry for the forum becomes more

Well that would have been that the column be buggy from interference, for example switched to mute mode, and here. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seen on sale in one of the major supermarkets such as Metro, Auchan,
column for 100 rubles, buy them, they are not afraid of any interference,
You just do not distinguish noise from the music, buy them and enjoy,
excellent acoustics is not afraid of any pickup,
even from a nuclear explosion in a vacuum

author writes? ? : I present to 1 meter.
's like to stick to one place, and then complain

11.02.2008 0:28:00

Thomson KHC 005M. Not trying to cut, it is written that shielded.

Pl & amp; k
I have no interference even if the phone is on a column (on the active, passive and tried). Any incoming calls or sms - no noise and that's it.
11.02.2008 0:32:00

Most likely near the base station, in this or the next house
11.02.2008 1:03:00
Pl & amp; k , nobody here AU noise immunity does not choose. Personally, I treat it as a tertiary factor. But if the speakers that I would buy, say, played well, but it plays all crosstalk and interference from cell phones within a radius of 10 meters, of which in my apartment there are about 4-5 pieces at a time, I would have sold them without hesitation. When I bought my Solo 7, I do not even listen to them, rely on the fact that these speakers and spend your money is 100% (for reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer). And then I was not mistaken. And the fact that they are immune to interference - this thing for granted that it seems to me, must be present now in all acoustics expensive 1500 rubles. And I was not smiling, talking on a cell phone, get a computer (ie "columns") for the three meters - not less.
11.02.2008 1:14:00
Pl & amp; k
Most likely near the base station, in this or the next house

not understand, explain

shielded bolts COX

11.02.2008 3:13:00
I am the owner of Sven ROyal 2, finding speakers near a cell phone, heard the radio interference.
in the description on the website Sven, indicated that the speakers are magnetically shielded.
Karoche I wrote in the Saporta Sven and see that the answers later unsubscribe.
11.02.2008 3:30:00
you answered himself: "magnetically shielded" means that in the first place, all around isolated from the magnetic effects of your columns, but this in no way meant shielding electronics columns from external influence. Electronics something all there on the screen. And they replied something like this: "Try to avoid talking on a cell phone near the speaker of our" or keep silent. Or advise foil "Sayan"

, not, in pigs another topic! They WASHER unshielded (see picture)! ! !
11.02.2008 3:34:00
Photo by sven royal 2?
very strange, I have a washer below No, just 4 screws screwed on the perimeter of a square. Can
different party? took a couple of weeks ago in Polaris.
11.02.2008 3:40:00
, I can not! ! ! KETAYSY collusion! ! Again trances me! Now got to the piano! Interestingly, they also changed the amp? Probably from the first piano is already. . .
, look in Temko, smile!
Read 37 pages to the end!

, photo screws not laid out? PLEASE!

And a reference: 2 pianos as originally looked .

11.02.2008 3:53:00
vsmysle? could change 0_o amp, so I should Che in "Polaris" know where they are taking them,
or what? ))
11.02.2008 4:00:00
in short, in a review on tehlabs specimen was initially toroidal amplifier, and that there is bolted inside you these four nails unknown. There is something bAAlshoe suspected W-shaped transformer. You're topic about 7 solos read? There's not only the trans shifts, but also an essential component of uslilitelya (set of 6 solo). Now terribly interesting, how bad inside "patched" pianos! Soon everyone will be exactly the acoustics in the number and size of bolts to choose from!
11.02.2008 4:02:00
horror, well, I think climb inside me does not make sense to change them because of "wrong number of bolts," no one will be, will nadeyatsya what's inside more or less everything is normal, because the sound is quite good.
11.02.2008 4:08:00
7 solo too, at first no one complained) but the sediment from such bad jokes. . . Come on, someone else wise) I already interesting!
21.02.2008 16:11:00
sven royal 2, with 4 screws (if that matters ) there is interference. . . Try swapping the wires, but not sure that will help.
29.02.2008 2:56:00
I have 2 Royal bolt. Interference are, and quite loud, but rarely. When you turn on, turn off the phone near the speakers, and sometimes when an incoming call. In general, tolerant, considering that I'm constantly talking at the table next to the speakers.
29.02.2008 3:05:00

mikrolab their tricks explained "good" intentions to reduce the temperature built-in amplifier 7 solo. Sven apparently joined) Very much like to twist the handle to the full in our area. . . so no one dared to open probably pianos) or opened but silent)
11.02.2009 14:25:00
I'm on the column and on the TV speakers hindered. Telly from the speakers is approximately 5 meters from each other in the same room. Sometimes columns interference occurs, sometimes on a TV set at the same time does not happen. MOBILE do with it off. . Can, even at night when I sleep, if not switched off. They can be caused by something else other than what mobile phones? I close (10-15m) from the house are the taxi drivers can from their radios? Another question they may be caused by surveillance cameras, as I understand it there too there is a transmitter? And what about with the distances they can work on my speakers? Thanks in advance!

Tell me what to do?

People! Who knows about this?

12.02.2009 11:51:00
If I have a mobile phone lying next to turn off the TV LG (standby) is often a hindrance
if a meter further - it is no longer
12.02.2009 14:03:00
Solo 6. When mobile phone lie in centimeters 15-20 of the active speaker, then gently picking up interference. . a little further - no. interconnects some hama
23.06.2009 16:44:00
Here, too, there was a question with a mobile phone, you need cheap speakers to a computer ~ 20uev, and so as not to fonili. . . strange that Monica multimediynіy fonit not quite. . .
01.11.2011 16:04:00
Bought recently commissioned column F & amp; D R223. Very cool, but by working Radiation at gamers. When the cable pulls the input signal, the interference is only caught in contact and the speaker phone. Can someone tell me which cable 3, 5 - & gt; 2RCA can not amplify noise?

For statistics say that Sven BF-11 generally do not catch any interference, but they sound less interesting. Older speakers Genius, which still produced in white, too, do not catch interference, and can not be afraid to leave the next phone.
Once I had small speakers MediaTech (now it's Sven Forza), which greatly increased the noise. They were at work on the table in a large room with a large cross, each connection to the cellular network could be heard throughout the room. It helped, but off the speakers on electricity. Forza maybe this problem is solved, but not sure. .
02.03.2012 14:56:00
that speakers from Radiation at cell is normal. For example a couple of seconds before receiving SMS or incoming calls as well when connecting to the database.
But I have some anomalies. Today cell started whether to send, when receiving a signal every 30 seconds, ~ 2min. t. e. the column in this time range to catch the signal from the cell and groan ~ 2sec. passes ~ 30sec-2min. again, and so on. d.
Previously, this was not.
possible to remotely switch the microphone in a cell that for espionage?
02.03.2012 16:11:00
probably someone ordered sms ha 100,500 rubles to you zapilignovat)))
And I also strongly resent your column, I've already wrapped in foil all, Radiation at all the same (
02.03.2012 21:06:00

Put ferrite on interconnects and power cord should get better.
05.03.2012 7:09:00
I wonder why not / why buzzing speakers, and why so many cell sends / receives signals.

If clothe 5-6 pieces. effect will be greater than or the same as 1?

05.03.2012 11:34:00
As an option - somewhere near launched a new BS (base station). And then the mobile is constantly recorded on a BS, then the other. In certain cases, this can cause the sending / receiving of information (official registration data in the phone network).
not 100% that this is the cause, just one of the options. But it is real, it's me you as an engineer who is responsible for the radio, I say.
05.03.2012 19:53:00
Put a ring on the last interconnects, speaker and power wires. Minister for two minutes.

that column from Radiation at the cell is normal.
it is not normal. Such a product - trash with gross violations of mounting RF devices (what are all the current scheme for IMS)
05.03.2012 22:18:00

Ring desirable to wear on the input side. It suffices for one wire.
13.04.2012 0:47:00
Sven Royal-2 fonit from any known source, for example from my phone, and it often lies close to the column, or even below it and no overtones or no interference, and where does this background?
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