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28.02.2008 21:45:00
Tell me, now is the integration HD card is connected to the receiver in a digital mode. I want to buy M-audio revo 5. 1.
also want to connect in a digital mode. But after reading the forum wondered many speak digits unused DAC and the difference will not be that the card that integration. Is this true? ? And will the sound quality is better if you connect to analog? The idea is to drive the figure on the card number from the card to the receiver and when he lays on the analogue - path cleaner,
less change.
AS Sven 880F (dokuplyu then the whole set)
Receiver Yamaha 361 (as will appear on the company was changed to 459, I want to connect to bivaringu)
cable bezkislorodka 4. 2mm
And just one more question, after reading that figure is transmitted at a frequency of 48 (192 96 and once more the = 48) Is it true? ? It's so out audio format 44. 1 clamped at 48, is thus in a digital receiver and the already decompresses in analog. In short Yeshe one mediator. Or Revo 5. 1 prezhimaet good or this is not scary?
If so it may be better DVD, MP4 to throw multichannel digital mode, not much difference. A stereo signal to analog? Output figures are not pinched at the map Revo 5. 1 there are rules DAC with him for a good analogy in the receiver. And in my Yamaha receiver 361 DAC average. And I do not shove analogue input in cd / tape / aux (it first signal is converted to a number, go to the DSP-processor, then converted into an analog and sat down) and in the front channel input, it is not like the signal on DSP- processor and straight to the pre-amplifier and then to the power amplifier.
Is this true? ? And it is right, if so, perezhimka with 44. 1 to 48, with conversion or 44. 1 in analogue and them straight to the pre-amplifier and then to the power amplifier?
29.02.2008 11:51:00
SPDIF output LC can be sharpened by format:
1. 16/44, 1
2. 16.. 24/44, 1
3. 16/48
4. 16.. 24/48
5. 16.. 24/48; 96
6. 16.. 24/48; 96; 192
7. 16.. 24/44, 1; 48
8. 16.. 24/44, 1; 48; 88, 2; 96
9. 16.. 24/44, 1; 48; 88, 2; 96; 176, 4; 192

other options not found in the description on the LC.

If LC can not pass over SPDIF format in the input information, the driver / vindovs resamples it in the next format.

That TSP that you have most likely option The integrated 6 or 5. Honor the Old thereon.
Revo 5. 1 - option 8.

t. To. 99% of the music we have in the format 16/44, 1 - and with it any action, including oversampling in 48.. . 192kHz negative effect on the sound for listening to 5% (the rest - plays chёy something - yeah, okay). Then you need to determine whether you walk in you are 5% and then decide what you need. Besides, you can not give and instruments to hear the difference, or you yourself will not be able to identify it. . .
29.02.2008 12:21:00
Like 9 option on zvukovuhe, at least in the settings have spdif and 44. 1 and 192 is what I do remember.
bitnost not say. This issue has already been decided.
Now How to connect a digital mode on the receiver and use the receiver's DAC.
In this case, Revo 1 5. I do not need. Or may be connected to an analog to Rewo 5. 1
front entrance of Multilink (if you just read in the input cd / tape / aux, it is converted into a signal first digit is on DSP-processor, then converted into an analog and sat down, shorter
bunch of transformations) So I use Revo DAC, can he better? ? Just

card already ordered))))) will come today, I put it in the computer itself or directly in the window for sale))) I work in the computer. store.
02.03.2008 2:35:00
cheto I realized Revo put into the machine, the integration is not disabled by Revo coax, HD integration of optics. So perhaps it seems to me, but with Revo sound empathetic "brighter" or something.
Perhaps due to the fact that the computer is overclocked, although bus stands 1333 - full-time, it may
with terrible drawdown of nutrition in a computer. Revo can separate power diluted.
noticed the difference and wife, I did not tell her about buying cards. She found a used where 100 tanks attach)))
She thought I was fumbling with the settings. What could be wrong? ? Just the difference is very small, and I do not understand why
she could take, can I have psychosis? ))))) Read want to hear the difference and wife assents to get behind. Advise.
02.03.2008 12:11:00
Run udial. wav, the difference may come out.
04.03.2008 8:26:00
So it should be. In fact, a great card for sound different from the mediocre in such nuances, which did not immediately realize. Here and there audifilskie scene detection, volume, tone, barhotistosti, warmth, stiffness. I did not fully understand them (and still is not particularly better), until he heard - the effect it (one and the same track) on the willingness to listen and listen to the complete rejection of the material.

hit my drive - is likely to soundtrekov Witcher (ASD prilogaetsya the game). Listen to your DAC - I can not torn off. Merged on flash bring home - I stick - well, I think pobaldeyu now - but no - not catchy and everything.

I've recently prinasili external DAC to compare with mine. Hooked. Listen, switched. It seems the same. Several fonogram (discs branded or not). And listen close and departing. Both do not have much experience of listening. And on Boyce Sabrina - on my DAC stage and depth, and on its flat picture. And the effect is at some distance - near almost chuvstvavalsya. Although if empty background And be not conformed that plays.

But everything has another side - now I'm not satisfied with the sound of more than satisfies. . . .
04.03.2008 15:20:00
Yes audiofliya severe illness))) hits the pocket is not worse venereal disease)))
Replacement Player Apolo on FUBAR difference reduced. Now you have to decide whether this difference
100 Dolar. So far, I think.
11.03.2008 14:12:00

Well, decided already?
24.03.2008 22:30:00
welcome to all. I'm new hi-fi acoustics, imagine going to take your speakers floor MA Bronze BR6 Wn, shelving your speakers MA Bronze BR2 Wn and a center channel MA Bronze BRLCR Wn with the receiver Denon AVR-1908 (special offer in mvideo - the price of the receiver is not taken into account). All of this will be connected to the computer and will be mainly Igrat music (+ anime and often quite a bit of the game)
sound on the computer built, AC 97 what is there.

Now the question is do I need to take a separate sound card (I'm looking into Revo 5. 1), how to connect the receiver in this case, to the roar of 5. 1 (on the receiver and roar like DACs in both cases good) on analogue or number? Will there be a better option is to connect the built-digit zvukovushke?

thanks in advance for your reply
25.03.2008 5:04:00
Likely better - see. Post 2
25.03.2008 13:42:00
read several times, it is still not clear (

t. e. for example if I need EAX in games, then it is necessary to connect to analog (DAC using Reva 5. 1) and on the front of the receiver amplifier, right? And if you just movies or Music is possible in a digital / analog?

And the roar of 5. 1 is needed only if the family did not support an honest 44, 1 S / PDIF output?

and if the receiver's DAC is worth less than the roar of 5 1 you need to connect to analog, so?)

completely confused (
25.03.2008 16:04:00
Alexander Borisov, thanks for the reply

certainly apologize for the stupid questions, acoustics have not bought, before buying I would like to find out all the questions, so you know which wires to buy and how to connect.

'll take another means revolution 5. 1

games means you only analog, but for music / movies like better? analog or digital? Or without a difference?

now the question on the connection:
there exits / sound card: http: // www. disk. cz / disk / img / OBRAZKY-WEB / M-AUDIO / Revo ... olution_51_io. jpg
there exits / receiver: http: // www. hifibitz. co. uk / uploads / lib / 902_avr-1908-back. jpg
I certainly understand that all documentation must detail signed yeah how to connect, but it is necessary to determine which wire to take. And the seller to ask for a place you do not want

analog connection:
To connect the card to the receiver need 3 of coaxial / optical wires minidzhek- & gt; 2tyulpana (miniJack- & gt; 2RCA), right? (Analog outputs on the sound card is miniJack, as I understand it, right? And the inputs on the receiver is RCA?) And connects it to the group EXT. IN jack on the receiver?

digital connection:
To connect the card to the receiver need 1 coaxial / optical cable type RCA- & gt; RCA (tyulpan- & gt; tulip)? and is connected to the output on your sound card DigitalOut (this is the S / PDIF or not?) and to the input COAX-1 (left) on the receiver?

and the difference between the coaxial / optical cable in the home can be ignored, right?

please do not Pinata, thanks for the reply

and whether you can buy directly 2 sound card, say X-Fi extreme gamer and Revo 5. 1

roar connect in a digital mode, the X-Fi by analogy. And switch on the receiver input modes simple? without switching the wires

25.03.2008 17:20:00
Alexander Borisov, thank you for your answers
now becomes clear like all


and whether you can buy directly 2 sound card, say X-Fi extreme gamer and Revo 5. 1
can, but why?
buy in the near future such as X-FI extreme gamer for EAX 5. 0 only
25.03.2008 21:02:00

So with it (X-FI extreme gamer) and take a number.
analog connection:
To connect the card to the receiver need 3 of coaxial / optical interconnects wire stereo minidzhek- & gt; 2tyulpana (miniJack- & gt; 2RCA), right? (Analog outputs on the sound card is miniJack, as I understand it, right? And the inputs on the receiver is RCA?) And connects it to the group EXT. IN jack on the receiver?
25.03.2008 21:20:00
Given your priorities
mostly will play aga music (+ often anime and quite a bit of the game)
, I think, more convenient option for you will be a map based on DSP of CMI from CM8768 + and with great facilities.
These cards when connecting to figures provide more functionality than the Revo 5. 1 (and maps of Creativity), and do not suffer from her illness, which in this forum as much as two branches. A EAX in most cases simply Ponte.
25.03.2008 21:29:00
hmm, really do not think.
say with X-FI series of music is worse.
A switch wires from card to card broke

'll then just roar 5. 1

ATP all
04.04.2008 13:24:00
Hello! I have the card C-Media 5601, 5. 1 speakers connected via the analog outputs in the same room and the receiver connected via SPDIF, to another.

problem: when watching videos with AC3 sound goes only to the receiver, computer speakers 5. 1 is silent. With stereo signal all plays in parallel.

Question: Is it possible to get the card issuing simultaneously compressed AC3 to SPDIF to the receiver and decomposed AC3 to analog outputs? If yes, how to set up and AS3filtr player Windows Media Classic?
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