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11.07.2008 12:31:00
Good day.

The situation is this. There is a computer and a TV. Often watch movies on TV, using it as a monitor. I want to buy a speaker 5. 1.
question is. Are there today ak. sisttemy, allows multiple configurations for balance, volume, and so on. d.?
Let me explain. If I sit in front of TV, we need some adjustment. If a computer - other. You can, of course, every time the handles to adjust the balance, the volume of the front, rear speakers, and so on. D. But maybe there are systems in place to use nesklko variantrov installations.
What can you advise?

Thanks in advance.
11.07.2008 16:44:00
In receivers feature to store presets users found. In Multimedia speakers not seen even once, and not why imho.
14.07.2008 9:19:00
It Is Clear.
Or maybe there is some software that allows your computer to change the preset options? For example, in PowerDVD can specify the location of the speaker to the listener. Maybe someone knows if there is such a software as a separate program, not the player?
14.07.2008 9:28:00
Sometimes it implement sound card drivers. Software that allows you to programmatically construct akustichiskuyu environment there, but I did not use this. It will be easier through ya. ru search.
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Digital Sound -> Messages -> Acoustic system for TV and PC.