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25.09.2008 17:41:00
Prompt good program navrode Sound Forge, just to know how to record a track while playing another
And I would very much like to see at the same time she was able to play multiple tracks from multiple files, ie. E. To mix on the fly. It is necessary to record music in several passes. Now write in SF, then open the file in winampe, recording the second track (play along). Then an hour trying to combine them
25.09.2008 18:02:00

+ Adobe Audition

25.09.2008 18:58:00

and then it can and then, and then?
25.09.2008 19:04:00

Yes. Well this is a standard feature of any multitrack. If too lazy to bother, and you can write about in the premiere - it keeps a lot of tracks But he had no hand night and day, as I recall.
unique - highly recommend normal zvukovuhu supporting ASIO - otherwise delays Difficult. . . There are even

frivarny Audacity - it can also be
http: // audacity. sourceforge. net / help / faq? s = recording & amp; i = multi-track

25.09.2008 20:08:00

Sony ACID Pro.

In general, yes, any multitrack.
25.09.2008 22:18:00

Samplitude - a powerful multitrack prog. The very use Adobe Audition, mainly 1. 5.
3. 0 abruptly, but with the card machine should be powerful.
29.09.2008 8:30:00
On the issue of freeware - Reaper can be used for free, while it is quite interesting multitrack, IMHO, it is more convenient for the job than Audacity. Audacity nicer to handle individual files to use, and not as a multitrack.

interface is Reaper, however, quite unusual for the user Cubase / Nuendo, but you are unlikely to prevent it.

Or you can aim at the common cut-down version of the program in the industry. Steinberg Cubase 4 Essentials cost about 2500 rubles. But it will be easier then to move to a fully functional version of Cubase, than with the Reaper.
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