Sound disappeared after reinstalling XP Vindovs!

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15.10.2008 19:00:00

general stood by me Vyn2000Pro couple of years and recently caught the virus. Decided to rearrange the system and put VynHR. Formatnul screw and installed Windows. Config a mother AOpen AK73 (A) KT133A, Athlon 1600+, 512Mb, 80Gb WD + 10Gb Samsung, ATI R9600Pro Sapphire 128/128, Chieftec, 380W Zalman.
Wind became fine - BUT! was not of sound! ! ! AC97 integration in the system is, and in column silence. Although the system shows that zvukovuha working fine!
Win XP Pro put SP2. Conjured that does not happen. Demolished Windows, put another too SP2. The same garbage.
Took a person SBLive! (CT4830) disabled in BIOS integrated sound and ran Windu. She established the wood, but does not sound right speaker! Download Creativity native wood, but there was little sound almost inaudible. Downloaded firewood kxprojekt - very quiet sound in the headphones is also very quiet even though all the runners in the settings to the maximum! What could it be? How to cure a sound?

partially solved the problem. Integrated sound earned. Smnenil forced through the WDM device driver by selecting from the list. With
SBLive! I will cast later.

24.03.2013 21:46:00
Exactly the same problem! Two days tormented by computer. Changed all possible BIOS settings, audio jumper on the mother, put the native drivers from the official site www. aopen. com (CLOSED infection!!!) and a bunch of left drivers also put different Windu. Nothing helps. Then, purely by chance, with no hope of success and his thoughts about buying a new sound card, got on the article and shook the driver:

link to the driver file:
ftp: // ftp. aopen. com. tw / pub / driver / mb / realtek / alc201 / 2. 84. exe

link to the article:
http: // www. ixbt. com / newslines / soft / archive. shtml? soft20020504

. . . and it worked! YAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Digital Sound -> Messages -> Sound disappeared after reinstalling XP Vindovs!