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10.03.2009 2:35:00
Dear people who know =)) prompt pozhalusyta.

shall describe in detail, for clarity. I'm looking for headphones for the following characteristics.

1. Bluetooth headsets, without wires.
2. But do not just bluetooth, and with a wireless audio adapter included. E. There is a standard connector for headphones, turning into a small blutuf adapter and the headphones themselves. Thus these earphones must be compatible with any audio devices are not equipped with even a bluetooth. E. It is not only a mobile phone and a laptop, but including a TV set, and so the old mafonom.
3. They should be of medium size. E. Not small gag-vtychki and not healthy, as the studio that completely cover the ear. But usually such that around the ears.
4. It is desirable that the arc was behind these headphones, neck. Or even been absent, ie. E., Each earpiece itself was attached to the top of the ear fitting ear a little flavor. This mobility and compactness. But it is simply desirable.

I climbed many sites, but could not find the desired option. By themselves, bluetooth earphones make few firms. And those who do - is only compatible with audio devices equipped with bluetooth, t. E. They are without an adapter. I found only one suitable models: Creative SE2300, it meets all my options and just perfect.
http: // ru. europe. creative. com / products / product. . . . nav = 0 & amp; listby =
(but, unfortunately, on the price. ru it is completely absent in all the stores in Moscow, there is only in St. Petersburg and then, too, temporarily out of stock. So I am looking for analogues of other firms.)

issue price does not matter . Scope of application: laptop (games, movies), a mobile phone, a TV set.

Who knows what model of headphones generally have these characteristics, in addition to models from Creative?

Thanks in advance everyone!
sincerely hope for your help =)
26.03.2009 10:00:00
Good afternoon.
I also look to Sinezubov stereo ears, as tired of wires. I read some reviews but still tend to Jabra BT620s. And in your case, I can advise them Adapter Jabra A120s. It is true he did not use them but I think the reviews and tests as headset and adapter on the Internet can be found.
general question to all: Advise good Sinezubov a stereo headset. Requirements:
1. Without any wires
2. louder - the better
3. For a long time
4. Multipoint.
As already said while stopped at the Jabra BT620s.
09.05.2009 12:13:00

see that the thread of this
http: // www. plantro. ru / bluetooth. htm

I yuzayu here are the ears:
http: // www. plantro. ru / voyager_855. htm
pleased immensely.
21.05.2009 16:45:00
Bought a pair of Cebu ned ago Philips shb6102 pf 2300 Comes malenkmy transmitter with 3, 5 pin. Ears with microphone and control by AVRCP.
24.05.2009 21:56:00
There KOSS COBALT, but it seems very expensive.
20.09.2009 10:59:00

and how feelings of headphones? on Yandex reviews that goes stall sound. How to sit on your ears? Whether tried to listen for hours on end?
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