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20.04.2009 20:26:00
There is here a device, two outputs Coaxial & amp; Optical everything works. .
Connectors connect three pins to "mamma"
Actually the question. If the build-up and three-wire cable with the same cross section, a meter and a half commercials.
Worse, the sound will be?
connects to the receiver. . Tired
sistemnik dragged closer to the TV. .
20.04.2009 20:38:00

A cable to find the problem? 1 RCA x 1 RCA + Coaxial cable 75 Om.
20.04.2009 20:47:00
Everything depends on the savings.
If an adapter DVI / HDMI + HDMI (3m) I still pull it off to a good audio cable with a length of three meters is already expensive in terms of money will. .
20.04.2009 21:22:00

good audio cable with a length of three meters
Not to be confused, this is not no audio. You need to solder a 3-segment hmetrovy microphone cable and one RCA-jack on each side.
digital cable, so the section is not important.
21.04.2009 5:30:00

I antenna, it is just 75 th.
21.04.2009 6:30:00

Taki yes. But there is a danger that people just do not believe
I have a friend there, he needed a coke RCA-RCA. When I advised him
antenna cable, he was offended. On the microphone with ease
agreed. So I tried to learn from these experiences
21.04.2009 15:32:00

http: // www. 1-cable. ru / model. php? gid = 80201-25
http: // www. 1-cable. ru / model. php? gid = 80201-10

If I understand you, cut in half leaving RCA-connectors c each side and insert the desired length of the antenna cable?
21.04.2009 16:48:00
And if there is somebody - plz show what it looks like from the inside crimp RCA-jack Is it possible to compress its quality without tools? I think it will be interesting to everyone.
21.04.2009 22:45:00
Most RCA soldered inside
21.04.2009 23:29:00
Buy 2 RCA connectors on the Canare, Furutech, Proel, or Neutrik cable and . You can not weld themselves -You will do it in any shop.

href = "http: // www. Ispa-shop. Ru / ru / cat / cat7 / cat78 /? Per_page = 100000" target = _blank rel = "nofollow"> http: // www. ispa-shop. ru / ru / cat / cat7 / cat78 /? per_page = 100000
22.04.2009 12:34:00

Thank you so much more than an explanation available. .
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