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01.04.2010 13:00:00
I stand at the moment the choice of new headphones. After reading all the comments, and finally decided that we should listen to the most suiting models.
fact, need help in choosing music for comprehensive listening. Please leave name / files with minimal explanation (in the spirit "on this track is conveniently check Tsykanov"), then gather in the hat - I think not only useful to me.
01.04.2010 13:12:00
http: // rutracker. org / forum / viewforum. php? f = 1195 to help you
http: // rutracker. org / forum / viewtopic. php? t = 1004653 here for details about what to listen to every track
01.04.2010 13:23:00

Thank you so much, did not even know about this section on a torrent, and search for anything like that does not fall out
01.04.2010 16:59:00

Can not you make a selection of your favorite music, t. E. The one you most often listen to, and on it, and "test" headphones. For all of these "test" records, PHC, are synthetic. You will not constantly listen to these recordings, and the difference between your music and the one that is offered on a "test" is likely enormous. Both in quality and style.
PS In general, the tests on the links for the "big" speakers, headphones it sounds somewhat differently .
01.04.2010 18:30:00
Also listen to bagpipes. Davy Spillane - Midnight Walker example shows resonances earphone (at 100 I'm not sure as to the source of serious tests).
01.04.2010 23:15:00

I fully subscribe to the opinion, it is necessary to listen to what you listen to often.
By the way, what level headphones are planned? Knowing the model, we can expect to advance one or another character of the sound. Examples:
-Baery 990 - a blow to the brain above and below Tsykanov
-AKG 701 - smooth, with a focus on the upper middle Tsykanov not, do not stand
bass and so on. D.
03.04.2010 14:24:00
Bratstsy, tell me, if someone in the know.
climbed the entire internet - did not find reviews (finally no!) Headphone MAXELL .

In fact, the well-known name. . . once was. . . Now what do - I do not know. But suddenly - not bad? . . )
So for ears that? ? . . .
07.04.2010 14:55:00

I fully subscribe to the opinion, it is necessary to listen to what you listen to often.
But it will give an idea about the sound of "extreme LF" in the test headphones, only if the potential buyer had the opportunity to often listen to the program, rich in "deep", the length of either the bass speaker knowingly transmitting such bass, or other headphones knowingly transmit such LF.
http: // rutube. ru / tracks / 2946797. html? confirm = 53caf37 ... 790cb43d08becc294

Recorded good scene (volume)
Contents - takes for the soul! Through the speakers - a really great scene (headphones stereostseny can not be: it passes through from one ear, with an increase in Baska-crown to the nape and then - to the other ear). The spectrum in the recording - 16 kHz.
07.04.2010 17:43:00

headphones stereostseny can not be
Unless it binaural recording
07.04.2010 19:28:00

headphones stereostseny can not be
Unless it binaural recording; )
hear me through the headphones without any binaural binaural PROCESSOR program sounds to me as well as all the years - the usual "classical" two-channel program, namely as described.

reproduced their cue for this topic from a related forum:

«I wrote that" Panorama "in the headphones to the" classic "two-channel stereo, no" just because it's there, but it is located inside the head, and even up to the back. And more than that - even - on the volume of a fist with one ear in Baska behind at the nape and to the volume of a fist in the other ear.

This is about half a century is being investigated as "the effect of localization inside the head" ("locally convex groupuscule") when listening on headphones channel stereo:

VV Furduev in the book "The Stereophonics and multichannel sound systems" (SRM, vol. 837:
"Stereophonics and multichannel sound systems":
http: // m-music. ru / index. php? showtopic = 4800
(Click on the title on this page should go download).
pp. 40 and 63-68 .
way, there (on this page and other very interesting resources available for download)

thorough, but it is much more difficult, described in the book YA Kovalgina "Stereophonics". Ch. 5 "Bifoniya," p. 171 -185.
rare, but yet (pah-pah!) Working link:
http: // vtdl. net / share / 957shema /
file «kovlgy01. rar »

, and sought and constructed a possible means of overcoming it - the mic will eat natural sound with" artificial head "(and where the outcome affects even material manufacturing plaster cast of the ear and the auditory canal and then, whether natural hair color! Yes- Yes, no matter how surreal it sounded ...), "binaural" ("bifonicheskie") processors, and so on. n.). Read -
http: // www. show-master. ru / art /? id_article = 570
http: // www. show-master. ru / archive / 39/74. shtml

As yet none ever heard me "binaural" records, but "normal" stereo headphones and without "binaural processor" nothing to overcome this effect in my most careful attention to it did not identify.

Moreover, I will say that recently went on a specially terribly intrigued me in the announcement of "electro-acoustic performance" - "concert in headphones", which was brought to Moscow in the framework of the French "francophone" music festival. Although the basic outline of electroacoustic material supplied "live", without recording, formed directly on the podium (ingenuity was great - all sorts of exotic instruments and electro-acoustic effects) (only the part was recorded: from the streets, a short interview, and so on. N.) In the stereo image headphones (there were some comfortable and well-sounding "Zenny") was exactly the same as it was and still is for me for many years listening "normal" two-channel stereo to stereo headphones: the same curved curve passing from a certain volume of a fist with one ear, inside rear-Baska up at the nape and to the volume of a fist in the other ear!

My strong opinion, based on their own long experience: no "information" has nothing to do moreover, it is - a fundamental phenomenon, is fully confirmed by the test "fathers Acoustics" For more than half a century ... "
08.04.2010 1:45:00

Thank described in detail.
Here are just a popular binaural recording pro hairdresser felt great and back-front, and top-bottom. That is a complete localization, in all directions.
These records, or rather their perception depend on the characteristics of our ears: if a match with those used for writing large, then the sound will be very similar. I really liked it, almost like a real all.
But amateur record that managed to find - those not particularly impressed, or rather not at all.
08.04.2010 15:30:00
Here are just a popular binaural recording pro hairdresser felt great and back-front, and top-bottom. That is a complete localization, in all directions.
I listened to these records. This is the "tricky" juggling: because the sound in the headphones is localized near the ears and inside the head, it is very beneficial to create this "scene" ("haircut"), where the head about it all happens. And even in this "scene" there is nothing but a few of the enlarged volume near the ears, even with lowering sounds more down.

unimpressed genuine "scene" in front of the listener, and other records in this series I have not had. Everything - almost like a "normal" stereo.
08.04.2010 18:30:00
If the headphones are no "scene" then it would be impossible to play games such as CS 1. 6 where normal headphones (not 5. 1) hear where everyone goes and peel Kheda through walls "to the sound." and it is given that the sound in this game is very outdated in terms of technology, but why localization heard very clearly. Riddle? Virtual volume does have t. To the enemies run-drifting closer \\ - is not that there is a "scene" - when it is possible to determine the sound virutalnoe location of the enemy and his actions. Understanding of the situation on a column protivikov much lsozhnee (even 7. 1 speaker configuration)
What concert recording from this different?

I now testing all the sound that I plan to buy one composition http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = 8ZgLy3xUhM0 (Flake looking fo r. to high there too much) - there is a 30th of a second ultra bass (parrallelno with conventional drum - just "a slap in the chest"), a good scene and clicking on which you can check the sharpness of hearing (58 second example) headphones or speakers

If we are talking in CS Source sound made "real", that there really could be heard all the details and can be guided by the sound.

But KCC as counter substitute drip, then sounds powerless
08.04.2010 23:21:00

games like CS 1. 6
If we are talking in CS Source sound made "real", that there really could be heard all the details and can be guided by the sound.
17.05.2011 5:45:00
People advise some sort of track in the style of Metal and its variants (except metal grandfather) to test the headphones, and then I like hard music and finalized the track can not. . .
18.05.2011 17:42:00

Recorded good scene (volume)

Virtuosi. . . best moments. . .
23.10.2011 22:23:00
I am not an expert on the theory playback volume through headphones, one can say:
was such a wonderful and they did aureal chipset Aureal Vortex II, and I had a monster card Diamond mx300. Unfortunately
creative crushed this company, but under Win98, under which was the last normal drivers with normal headphones sound positioned with amazing accuracy. And in games, and in special test programs
13.07.2012 13:07:00

[/ q] Zablakirovana http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = 8ZgLy3xUhM0 - as well as a fully called composition?
16.05.2013 20:23:00
Bought a steelseries 7h usb. But I can not find anything where to check all relish 7. 1 sound
23.11.2013 22:47:00

well as fully entitled composition
Apparently, Riotstarter
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