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12.04.2010 0:07:00
I want to try to listen to format discs sacd, but can not find on its support in an existing device.
Who knows, does the asus drw-1814blt above standards.
I would not like for the sake of buying a new drive from Sony.
12.04.2010 0:51:00
SACD is not possible to play on the computer.
Regardless of the drive.
12.04.2010 1:27:00
SACD usually have a CD layer for compatibility. The thing that you can listen to any CD / DVD drive.
12.04.2010 6:01:00
Only when this is no advantage to CD SACD no, of course. And then acquire meaning SACD?
12.04.2010 9:19:00
Sound in DSD format can be downloaded here http: // www. 2l. no / hires / index. html (files with rashirenieim DFF)

Igralku makes SONY http: // vaio-online. sony. com / prod_info / vgn-fz27g / software. html DSD Direct Player
With its help VAIO support DSD Playback (Sony decode DSD), and you can play regular CD convert on the fly-igralkoy Sony PCM to DSD. Another kind auzentech prelude card can decode DSD, so 2L files SONY software you can play.

Of Comp. turntables only SONY PS3 60gb playing SACD, in the latest PS3 SACD support removed.

Read the company SACD layer is usually impossible to drive, as the modulation information is carried out there is not only the length of the pit, but its width, without alteration of the physical drive does not work as tviknut laser module houses on the knee. Record DFF files can be at home on a regular DVD disc, so that the PS3 it will read as SACD, for example.
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Digital Sound -> Messages -> SACD on asus drw-1814blt