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23.04.2010 13:52:00
Hello people! There

: Macbook Pro MB133 with embedded audio Intel High Definition Audio.

I want good headphones. For reasons of price / feedback on the forum focused on the Sennheiser HD 555
But from the discussions clear that without the amplifier / good sound card purchase these ears meaningless.

As I understand it, you can take the sound to be pulling his ears. And you can buy an amplifier (but then there is not a source of very high quality)
And there are two in one.

preferred course that would devaysina worked for Firewire.

Will atske grateful if someone advise or explain to the principles on which it is necessary to choose an external sound card / headphone amplifier.
Or maybe I should not have started all UTB and one thread just give good advice not to spend a lot of money on it:)

listen flac, sometimes mp3 / 320, often lastfm.
Downtempo, Jazz, Trip-hop, all kinds of experimental, DnB

Thanks in advance!
23.04.2010 16:14:00
For Sennheiser HD 555 should not bother to separate amplifier normal "holes" headphone will be enough. .
23.04.2010 17:21:00
And what about the built-in sound?
23.04.2010 18:37:00
I have a realtek hd audio on the desktop and headphones cenhi 555. The game, of course, is good, but obviously not very sound. Audible crackles and clicks + difference between mp3 and flac not felt. It is necessary to take in any sound. Sounding headphone + comfortable. Although the forum wrote that they slack bass, it is enough for me.
23.04.2010 18:38:00

What about built-in sound?
If you want pozamorachivatsya, take the E-MU 0202 USB.
23.04.2010 18:40:00

+ difference between mp3 and flac not felt
and she was feeling, and should not, unless of course 128kbps mp3 is not
23.04.2010 18:46:00
on the old computer, which I have x-fi gamer, the difference is quite visible. On a new PC because of the large vidyuhi and TV tuner, I have to take zvukovuhu under pci-e
23.04.2010 18:53:00
There still is - if I can not find a good (affordable) solutions I'm probably inclined to buy a low-impedance headphones. Such as HD 485
23.04.2010 18:59:00
Yes 50Om you have enough built-in sound to swing. At full volume can be deafening. Another thing is the quality of the signal
23.04.2010 19:01:00
& Gt; & Gt; Yes 50Om you have enough built-in sound to swing. At full volume can be deafening. Another thing is the quality of the signal

Then I do not really understand - why the forums often write that "the bass rather weak - it would be necessary Headphone Amplifier"? This talk is just about 555 HD
23.04.2010 19:08:00

They are not weak, just not low enough take. Basically mid bass.
23.04.2010 19:12:00
I repeat that for my taste bass enough. When I want to, so plump, wind the equalizer, but quickly tired of this sound. At full volume for the headphones are not repyat, that is pulled into the light, as opposed to 550 technics and creative 1300Q, which I also have. But the sound is not as bright as Technics, whose high more. In terms of bass, I would have arranged them so: the Most weak in creativity, then at Technics and most powerful in sennheiser hd 555. But there is a feature Technics When tumble sound chuvstvesh how to bass ears vibrate, the feeling that the speaker touches the ear expense of airflow

general, much more pleasant to listen to the sound through speakers I yuzayu headphones, only at night, so as not to disturb anyone. I solo6s and their sound still I like it better than the headphones. Maybe you should noutu good speakers to take?
23.04.2010 20:21:00
And try
Creative Aurvana Live! ? It seems to be on the money about the same thing. In addition, you have a new laptop, it can be taken to the store and listen to - is there a difference, whether the lack of bass. . . )))
The problem is that any external solution turns out well more of these most unfortunate 555h. . . but already it is clear that either they themselves or have overpaid great.
to the store and listen. The ears are different, and choose the sound advice is like buying a TV to the touch.
24.04.2010 15:49:00
Tried to connect the HD555 to 15 "MacBook Pro. There have worse than the output from the headphones-25 5." Audigy2 ZS - feeling like a little buzz on headphones midbass. Background noise, crackling can be heard.
compression artifacts MP3 (average quality - 192 kbit / s) to the ear caught. Small parts also listened to music (listening album Deggial great band Therion).

26.04.2010 11:40:00
@ @ Wow thanks for the test! :) You almost dispelled my doubts about the purchase.
good option (but of course it is necessary to listen to), but there are a couple of downsides. 1) In Kharkov, I can not find where they posolushat. 2) Do not replaceable cable.
It seems to be like yeah:)

Thank you all, I think that will do without additional costs.
the more it turned out that you can try to listen to the same on the outside of the laptop but the m-audio profire 610

about speakers - not hildren ears designed purely for the office.

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