Repair inserts SZ ie4

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17.06.2010 7:12:00
Apparently interrupted wire, t. To. Right channel does not work. Tell me, please, where in Moscow can be expensive and at the same time qualitatively recover?
21.06.2010 2:40:00
The same garbage with Etymotic er4
23.06.2010 14:59:00
Cheaper just to buy a soldering iron. . and then new ears)
24.06.2010 9:28:00
Ears repaired at the service center on the 2nd Zvenigorod - changed the connector, and for some reason I think that's ears began to play a little differently. . .
24.06.2010 10:05:00
Understandably, when the connector is cheap. Therefore it is better to do)
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Digital Sound -> Messages -> Repair inserts SZ ie4