The choice of mp3 player.

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25.06.2010 7:55:00
Sorry, that is not the topic (moderators, transfer, please in the right section), but did not find anything about flash.

Advise buy a good player that could read all audio formats, showed sama needed video formats, worked as a portable memory and had a good display. Stylish design and a small body of course a must!

Thanks in advance.
25.06.2010 9:37:00
Here's a great player http: // www. domostroy. com / productsnew / parent_id / 881 / tov_id / 11971 /
are causing in addition to music, he is still jumping and dancing on the table. Controlled movements, has two speakers with excellent sound
25.06.2010 9:52:00
Thanks, but it's not. Need in the format of the CCP. Flat and thin.

Here is found here. Well, something expensive for flehi)

http: // www. sotmarket. ru / product / cowon_iaudio_s9_16gb. html

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Digital Sound -> Messages -> The choice of mp3 player.