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07.02.2012 19:15:00
Immediately say, that nothing in this particular do not understand, I bought the active microphone "Rustle-8" in addition to the camcorder into the entrance. The problem is that after connecting (12V power supply used by radiotelephone) are interfering in the main channel. When connected to a recorder wild overload, when connected to a PC microphone like better, but still fonit.

Here is a sample of sound: http: // zalil. ru / 32652639

tell me what could be the cause and how to fix it?
07.02.2012 20:41:00

likely frail (in the sense of the purity of the output) power supply. I suspect that he even without stabilizer, a microphone nuzhn0 crystal power.
Microphone rustle-8 delivers high-quality sound on standard monitors and recorders. Can be used with audio input boards Ewclid-A through standard audio line . Thanks to the built-in AGC can be used in rooms with high sound insulation.
In order to avoid external interferences on the microphone use a good quality shielded cable with a maximum length of 300 m.
Output voltage - 0, 25B
Power - 5 ... 12Vdc
Hence the conclusion: add to BP lowdrop stabilizer 6. . 9B and include mic. a line input.
08.02.2012 8:49:00
Emm. . . I kind of soldering is not strong, these stabilizers are commercially available? And why 6-9V, if the output of 12?

Bought SP ADAPTER IB12-500S (+) with a stabilized voltage. Background became even more overdrive channel and goes on a computer (both linear and microphone), and the recorder.

08.02.2012 17:15:00

course there . Why 6-9V? Because 5V = minimum, and a good supply of 9V = stabilizer.
see Dictaphone need a normal microphone signal - 1 mV and 250 mV is not.
ADAPTER IB12-500S - PULSE 500 mA, and we need a LINEAR STABILIZED, the current will be enough even 50-100 mA. Try to change.

Tell me about the cable from the mic. to a computer, but podrobnenko. . .
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