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16.06.2014 23:53:00
Realtek threw podlyanu all owners of built-in sound card. He blocked the use DTS to drivers on the "cheap" sound cards. Came across an English article on hacking drivers, but there are some troubles with the signatures. . . in general and did not understand Somebody already solved a similar problem?
17.06.2014 17:55:00

Why solve it? Get out of digital signatures to validate driver in the OS and install the driver manually. Is easier than it sounds. Google is also simple.
17.06.2014 23:51:00
In short hacked driver R2. 73 is not in any rises in return native R2. 73 even after turning off the digital signature. Writes error code 0x00000FF. But the problem here is that the game Watch Dogs is no sound with native drivers R2. 73, but only to R2. 75.. . A cracked R2. 75 I can not find anywhere else
That stands choice. . . or play with no sound DTS, DTS or without sound but
What a dirty trick threw Realtek. . .
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Digital Sound -> Messages -> Realtek HD and DTS