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23.03.2015 19:42:00
Hello. I want to pick up a good acoustics in the area 20-22k for listening to music (80%), sometimes for watching movies. On the advice of a friend musician stopped at the studio monitors Yamaha HS5 http: // market. yandex. ru / product / 10494802 / , but would like to hear other opinions / suggestions. I know that monitors are not really for that, but do not see any other alternative. Need a clean sound without straining during the day, usually listen to rock and its derivatives.

From multimedia for this price is only suitable Edifier R2800, which is difficult to put on the table because of the size. R2700 afraid to take because of the number of marriage, and they are worse than 2800's, judging by the reviews.

Hi-Fi speakers for the price did not even consider.

Waiting for your suggestions, approvals, critics, whatever
23.03.2015 19:59:00
HS5 more than 30 thousand. P. stand, read reviews in ProAudio budget monitors and discussion.
23.03.2015 20:02:00

I found a couple of 23K, forgot to mention. You can link to the trade? Thanks in advance.
23.03.2015 20:25:00
Take Yamaha, what more do you need approval And right now, you deaf people with disabilities such as comrade higher nasovetuyut desire disappears
23.03.2015 21:09:00

23 for a good choice, but if you have the opportunity to listen to a few options better. Here is the link.
Maxim Ptitsyn
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