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25.05.2018 19:17:00
Why in the 2013 tablet - Google Nexus 7 2013 - is the sound frankly and uniquely better than in the top HP notebook? What is the reason for this? Or does the Nexus use a good DAC?
25.05.2018 21:42:00
- Universal " cunning " , what can you do. . . .
26.05.2018 1:45:00

This external amplifier will equalize your devices, making them both perfect
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27.05.2018 1:29:00
- There is no way to make candy out of shit.
Although many argue otherwise.
27.05.2018 2:13:00

The DAC here can not be worse than a DAC if your laptop is working.
Calmly catch the amplifier. This is a high-end device. It will pump undistorted sound into your headphones, working as a power amplifier, leaving the role of a pre-amplifier.
This simple paradigm is becoming very popular in narrow circles, but it is not yet shared by marginal communities from the periphery of sound technologies. It's okay, their center of gravity will soon critically shift
27.05.2018 9:23:00
Why in the 2013 tablet - Google Nexus 7 2013 - is the sound frankly and uniquely better than in the top HP notebook?
I need to clarify where the sound comes from: speakers, with HDMI or USB, from the phone out?
If the speakers are a question to the manufacturers, what kind of speakers are they putting there, but the comment, how lucky.
With HDMI / USB - I do not believe that there is such a noticeable difference, considering the class of devices.
From the telephone outlet - there will be a terrible frequency correction, which HP likes so much to improve the sound of its speakers. However, it is treated.
27.05.2018 15:23:00

These are the usual questions, which are usually answered: - Of course, it's natural, well, and as for otherwise, I've disabled all the updateers in playback devices.
27.05.2018 17:30:00
by itself I disabled all the updateers in the playback devices.
When it comes to HP, it's just not enough to turn it off. It is necessary to change the driver.
27.05.2018 18:14:00

Yes, you are right, the acchnic output of the slikbook is torn in the bass, IMD 0. 45%. What's on your own entrance, what's on the external card. Sound kaka, the amplifier is too early to connect.
What should I do?
27.05.2018 18:49:00
What should I do?
I in such situation demolished the native driver and put Microsoft. The frequency equalized.
27.05.2018 19:31:00

What should I do?
All as usual, cling the outer spade + optical fiber amplifier (spdif), if it is in the top notebook HP . If there is no SPDIF in the headphone jack, then this is not a top-end notebook. ) In all the top-end he is. The sound will be cooler. The steeper the trunnion + the amp, the sharper the sound and the stronger the headphones will bloom. Wait for normal sound, especially on the LF from the built-in is not worth it, especially as correctly written in modern coproeconomics. Once in notebooks put on 3 nests interchangeable, with quite good amplification, and now one garniturnoe which flies only so and quality обвязка pomojnoe. Cамое just a decision to take an external sound, although I do not know any cheap with a powerful amplifier on the ears, even at 32 ohms. The same Asus U7 claims a ridiculous 50 mW per 32 ohms, normal LF will not be by definition. And then pay seems to make no sense, we must already move to decent initial combines for headphones level Asus STU, Dr. Dac3, etc., with price tags under 20k and above. Then there will be a hint of a certain sound.
27.05.2018 20:12:00
5727421EC97643EEB790ADC1FADCAE26 2A30306E0DE445BD9FD00993F80660AD 어떻게해야합니까? 그가 맨 2A30306E0DE445BD9FD00993F80660AD HP CD5F1EDF687540AB9BE2D9EBFC139452 노트북에있는 경우 CD5F1EDF687540AB9BE2D9EBFC139452 5727421EC97643EEB790ADC1FADCAE26은 평소와 같이, 외부 DAC + A 광학 (SPDIF)을 집착. 헤드폰 잭에 더 SPDIF가없는 경우는 최고급 노트북이 아니다. 24CE8AA2413F4B2C8B9BF05F772D1B83)는 모든 최고. 소리가 더 시원해질 것입니다. 는 DAC + 앰프 가파른, 험한 소리가 될 것이며, 더 좋은 헤드폰을 꽃. 특히 통합의 낮은에 정상적인 소리를 기다린 것은 현대 koproekonomike 철자 특히, 그것은 가치가되지 않습니다. 일단 노트북에 좋은 이득이 3 개 개의 교체 가능한 소켓, 만 날아 이제 하나 garniturnaja, 철도 슬롭의 품질을 설정합니다. 나는 귀에 어떤 싼 전력 증폭기의 모르겠지만, 심지어 옴 (32)에서, 외부 zvukovuhu를 취할 쉽게 결정을 Camoe. 같은 아수스 U7은 32 옴으로 단지 재미 50mW의 진술에서, 보통 저음은 정의되지 않습니다. 그리고 이미 괜찮은 초기에 이동하는 것이 필요하다, 이해가되지 않습니다 아마도 헤드폰 아수스 STU 수준, 박사를 결합한 지불 Dac3 등, 가격이 20k 이상인 태그가 있습니다. 그러면 어떤 소리가 들릴 것입니다.
28.05.2018 8:37:00
The AFC was trimmed, but from below 50Hz it still falls on 3dB.
It's strange, I have a recession from 20 starts, exactly on AS " 97.
That, by the way, found the initial frequency response.
28.05.2018 13:32:00

Similar. 50- because of the capacitors, the capacitance is not enough.
29.05.2018 20:39:00
on the graphs, the curvature is seen primarily in the recording, not in the reproduction. That is, a blockage of high is a defect in the record.
29.05.2018 21:06:00
The external card is the same with 96/24, including software intrigues on the IMD, circled the circle.
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